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Dermal Fillers – not only for women


There is no doubt that a good skin care routine works wonders, but truth be told as you get older your skin toughens and battles the inevitable issues of gravity, and lets face it; none of us are Benjamin Button!  If you feel that over the years your facial features have started to look more … lets say “dragged down” then maybe exploring Dermal Fillers is the right option for you.  No longer a simple tool for smoothing lines, Dermal Fillers are now a sophisticated way to shave the years off.  Historically, Dermal Fillers were most popular amongst women but in the last five years statistics have shot up and shown the male demand for filler is almost as high.  Over is the ideology that male cosmetics detract from masculinity … you would be very surprised if everyone was less secretive about the little nip and tucks we undergo!

If perhaps over time you have noticed that your features are looking more pronounced, you are not alone!  Men typically age faster than women and there are some obvious areas that naturally lose volume.  Usually seen in the Nasolabial area (the annoying ever-sinking trenches running from the bottom of your nose to each side of your mouth) and under the eyes forming tear trough deficiency; the skin thins out and gives the appearance of age.


Another common area to have a natural loss of collagen is in the cheeks and around the mouth which results in indentations around the bottom of the face and jowls.  This can simply be rectified with a cheek augmentation which can lift and tighten your face or even sharpen the jawline!  Whilst some lines can be considered a sign of character, deep furrows and grooves can give the appearance of tiredness and age.  All of the above can be easily rectified with…Dermal Fillers (aka magic plumping goodness).  Fillers enhance your best features and can subtly define problem areas that have lost volume.  From lips and cheekbones to nose reshaping and symmetry augmentation; this procedure is skillfully performed with a fine needle and syringe lasting between thirty and forty-five minutes.  It can also be used to get rid of jowls, enhance cheekbones, sharpen jawline or even give you a mini face lift!

Dermal Fillers are universally popular not just because they give fantastic results but because they are partly made up of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring component found in your skin. Sounds amazing right?  It gets better…there is no downtime & results are visible immediately!  A little redness or bruising may occur but Arnica tablets make this very minimal.

Hold on … before you book your consultation we just want to give you a review from one of our clients: “… male filler makes me feel like I’m the best version of myself.  I love that this is natural and non permanent, after several months my body naturally breaks down the filler without any dissolvent or further procedures.  From the beginning to the after-care Dr.Shah and her team have been there every step of the way.”

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