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Why do we love big lips

Perhaps one of the most popular non-surgical procedures is using lip fillers. But have you ever wondered what makes big lips so fascinating? A few years ago Kylie Jenner was creating a huge buzz in the media with her lip products that were supposed to give you voluptuous lips. It was afterwards revealed that she had lip injections. But still, her lip products were extremely popular for women who so desperately wanted more volume in their pout.

Some studies actually saw that big lips contribute to a great extent to our attractiveness level. Why? It’s all about the symmetry of course. As you might be aware, the more symmetrical your face is, the more attractive you will appear to other people.


So how do experts perceive ideal lips?

There are a few factors that contribute to this:

Scientists and aestheticians discovered that there is an ideal distance between the upper and lower lip. A study conducted in 2017, revealed that the 1:1 ratio between the outer corners of the upper and lower lip is the ideal shape. Moreover, according to the Divine Proportion, also called the Golden ratio, the width of your mouth should be around 1.6 times bigger than the width of the bottom of your nose.

The upper lip should be slightly larger than the lower lip and if you have a cupid bow, that’s even better. Defined cupid bows are considered one of the most attractive aspects of the lips. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna are well known for their cupid bowed lips. No wonder so many women out there are putting so much effort into recreating this with the help of either fillers or lip liners.


How to achieve beautiful and big lips?

We believe all lips are beautiful regardless of size and shape. However, for women who are unhappy with their lips, many techniques and products have been invented in order to fix this.

From scrubbing your lips to make them swell, to lip suction cups to over lining your lips; there are many different methods in order to create the illusion of bigger lips. On the market, there are also many lip plumping glosses which can temporarily increase the size of your lips.

However, the most effective way to achieve big and voluptuous lips which are in perfect symmetry with the rest of your face.

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  1. Francesca

    Those lips in the picture look fab!

    I do think that defined lips are great, but at the same time, I find overly large lips to be quite exaggerated. Not a fan of Kylie’s lips I’m afraid

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