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Feel Great in Your Skin

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It’s International Women’s Day in a couple of days’ time and it’s a great day to celebrate female empowerment and achievement.

One of the things that helps us to reach our full potential as women, is feeling confident in our bodies and sometimes, this can be challenging. With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at how certain non-surgical aesthetics treatments can help you improve your wellbeing and confidence, to help you feel great and empowered, every single day.



Every woman feels comfortable at a different weight – no two are the same and that is the beauty of the world! Weight goals differ and feeling like you’re carrying an extra few kilos that you can’t seem to shift through disciplined exercise and diet can be discouraging.

If this sounds familiar to you, CoolSculpting is a fantastic FDA-approved treatment that can help reduce your weight by 1 or 2 dress sizes. It’s not a treatment designed to tackle significant weight gain but can benefit if you’re struggling to shift that extra bit of bulge, which can make all the difference to how you look. The treatment works by sending cooling energy to targeted areas, which gently freezes fat cells, without damaging them. Over time your body naturally processes the fat.


Eye fillers

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. If you’re unhappy with your eyes because they’re looking fatigued, older and with large bags enveloping them, eye fillers can make a real difference, changing your whole facial aesthetic along the way.

Bright-looking eyes can help to make a great first impression with new friends, dates and employers.

Here at Artistry Clinic, we administer fillers which made up of hyaluronic acid – a natural substance found in the skin – to improve the volume around your eyes and reduce wrinkles.

The result? You’ll have a younger-looking, more vibrant appearance that you can feel confident about every time you look in the mirror, giving you the motivation and confidence to go and smash your goals!


Non-surgical facelift

Ageing is something that can really take its toll on women, physically and indeed, psychologically. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, there are now non-surgical options to reduce signs of ageing – women are turning towards less invasive and more subtle ways to confront issues such as sagging skin and jowls.

A non-surgical facelift can restore the natural and curved contours of the face in a way that looks authentic and accentuates the individual’s natural features and beauty. Also known as the “liquid facelift”, it gently lifts the entire face and is a bespoke treatment with your exact needs in mind.

Dermal fillers are used to target specific areas of the face, lifting the areas, replenishing volume and correcting symmetry. Feel fantastic and ready to take on the world.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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