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Lunchtime Beauty Treatments – Perfect For Everyone!

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We all know that it’s important to take care of our skin, but it isn’t always easy to find the time. With busy work schedules, family and social lives to keep up with, skincare tends to slip further down our list of priorities. Luckily, there’s a solution that’ll fit perfectly into your daily routine – our selection of lunchtime lift beauty treatments.

Lunchtime lift beauty treatments are the perfect option for your lunch break. They’re quick, convenient and involve little to no downtime, meaning you can go straight back to work, feeling replenished and revitalised.


Our growing love affair with beauty

Britain might have a reputation for being a step behind in the beauty industry, especially when compared to our American and Korean counterparts, but times are changing. Dermatologist consultations have increased by 16.7% over the past 5 years, and the UK’s health and beauty market is expected to grow by more than 20% in the next five years.


The benefits of a lunchtime lift treatment

The selection of lunchtime lift beauty treatments below come with benefits for both your body and your mental wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to lift your appearance, or how you feel internally, we can tailor these treatments to suit your needs. They’ll also help improve your mood and confidence, so forget sitting at your desk with a side salad this week, and instead book a lunchtime treatment to give yourself the well-deserved lift you need!


The best lunchtime lift treatments available


Intravenous vitamin drips

If you’re feeling tired or run down, vitamin drips can help to restore your glow and boost your energy levels. Vitamin drips are popular with glamorous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, and they’re a lunchtime lift that will make you feel good inside and out.

The best thing about vitamin drips is that they can be tailored to fit you. You can choose from a range of options, like antioxidant packed IV Wellness, IV Hair Tonic for soft, nourished locks or IV Athlete Sport, a drip with high concentrations of amino acids to keep you pushing in the gym.

If you’d prefer an even quicker pick-me-up, vitamin shots are available to revitalise your body when you’re short on time. A B-12 booster shot can speed up metabolism, whereas a glutathione booster incorporates what’s known as “the mother of all antioxidants”. A glutathione booster shot will help to slow the ageing process, detoxify your liver and give you enough energy to beat the afternoon slump.


Fire & Ice Facial

The Fire and Ice Facial is a rejuvenating treatment that comes straight from Hollywood. It’s come to be known as the “red carpet facial” and is a bestselling treatment at Beverly Hills’ Four Seasons. The facial is designed to refresh your skin, reduce fine lines and encourage cellular renewal, and its fans include Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow.

With no downtime and no peeling, the Fire and Ice Facial is a luxurious way to get you feeling like a Hollywood celebrity on your lunch break. You can choose between a Full Facial (50 minutes) or Express Facial (30 minutes), depending on how much time you have to spare.


Soprano Ice Platinum

Unwanted hair isn’t just something that affects the ladies: 17% of permanent hair removal patients are men. It can be frustrating to shave and then find stubble a few hours later, but new advancements in laser hair removal makes a clean, smooth look easier to achieve than ever before.

The Soprano Ice Platinum offers pain-free hair removal for both men and women, irrespective of hair or skin type. The results are long lasting, meaning you won’t find yourself rushing to shave again the next morning, and best of all – it takes less than an hour!


Dermalux® LED Phototherapy

If you’re looking to treat problematic skin or just suffering from a dull complexion, take the leap in your next free lunch hour. Dermalux LED Phototherapy has grown in popularity in recent years, and promises to reduce a huge range of skin problems – everything from acne to sun damage – plus it’ll leave you with brighter, plumper skin. What’s not to like?

Dr Sarah Shah is a leading specialist in the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Get a lunchtime lift to revive your vitamin levels, get that Hollywood complexion or give your body an antioxidant boost – we’ll tailor your treatments to fit in with your needs and how much time you have.


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