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Vaginal Remodeling – Rejuvenation & Confidence-boosting

Here in the UK, we’re not the most renowned for talking about our private parts. However, we’ve come a long way since the Georgian and Victorian attitudes of the past. The way society has changed surrounding how we think about vaginal health and happiness has played a huge part in paving the way for treatments like FemiLift – a non-surgical revelation for women who are looking for minimally-invasive vaginal remodelling treatment.


Why might I need FemiLift treatment?

You may have heard of collagen and its role when it comes to keeping you looking young. In short, collagen is a natural compound found in the body and makes up the essence and structure of your connective tissues like skin, bone and ligaments – a pretty important bodily component all round. Alas, our collagen stores are unlike those of Peter Pan!

Just like in the case of skin, the vaginal tissues begin to change, which is caused by a decline in collagen production. This can lead to reduced elasticity and changes in the vagina’s ability to tighten again after being stretched. Incontinence and pain or difficulties during sex are both prominent reasons why women seek to have vaginal remodelling treatment, along with simply wanting to look and feel confident.

Collagen fibres can lose their strength and elasticity for several reasons, the most prominent being ageing. childbirth, obesity, lifestyle choices such as smoking and undergoing a hysterectomy, can also be part of the equation.


So how can FemiLift treatment help?

As mentioned above, it stimulates collagen production which in turn leads to improved elasticity of the vaginal wall and vaginal remodelling. This means more lubrication and treatment of vaginal irregularities. New collagen fibres tighten the vaginal area whilst also increasing muscle tone, giving you back that all-important pelvic floor strength.

FemiLift treatment is a real breakthrough where vaginal remodelling is concerned, changing the day-to-day lives of women around the world. Every woman deserves to have a vagina they feel confident to have, as well as to enjoy long and healthy sex life.

Here at Artistry Clinic, we think it’s great that women feel more comfortable about approaching us and having this type of treatment. There has definitely been a change where female empowerment is concerned, and feeling great about your vagina is a simple human desire that is (thankfully and finally!) becoming less a taboo.

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