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Harley Street Botox® Treatments

Botox Treatments at our Harley Street Clinic

Have you decided that you’ve had enough of wrinkles? Healthy, young looking skin is just a step away – our clinic on Harley Street is equipped to supply you with leading Botox treatments. Dynamic wrinkles will be a thing of yesterday once you receive your treatment. Don’t settle for less than perfection.



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Botox®: What exactly is it?

Devised to stop the release of acetylecholine temporarily; Botox is a purified natural protein. Wondering what function acetylecholine performs? Acetylecholine as a chemical transmits nerve-ending signals to your muscles. By forcing over-active muscles (which cause creasing and wrinkling) to relax, Botox is able to smoothen and rejuvenate.

Botox in London skin examples

Botox sees wide cosmetic use as a front-line treatment for forehead creasing, ‘frown-lines’ and crows feet. Botox has a 25 year safe-usage history for both men and women.

Once Botox is applied, future wrinkling is almost always prevented.

Botox® has also found a use lifting the brow, which helps when treating excessive sweat or migraines.


Defining Dynamic Wrinkles

Our facial muscles invariably contract to form our common facial expressions, over time creasing and dynamic wrinkling begins to occur.

In our younger years, our springy skin is capable of a quick reversion to its native position of rest. Once we grow older, our skin loses elasticity; we regenerate less of our elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Wrinkled skin is left behind, in the end these new wrinkles become ‘permanent’ facial features. Some of us are happy with a little extra facial definition – others not!


How will my treatment be administered?

Your treatment will take up to 10 minutes (talk about convenient). A qualified doctor will administer the treatment from within our central London premises (Harley Street clinic). After disinfecting your skin, the practitioner will inject Botox into each affected muscle. Numbing cream whilst not usually required, may be administered for your injections.


Before and After


You’ll usually be back to work with no delay, down time isn’t a factor with Botox treatments. Within the week skin should smoothen and look more youthful than before. The apex of the procedure’s effect will likely be observed four to five weeks after your injections. The aesthetic benefit of this treatment can remain for up to (and including) four months.



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