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London Botox® Treatments

Botox Treatments at our City of London Clinic

If you’re looking to melt away the years and reclaim younger, healthier looking skin – our clinic in the City of London is more than equipped to meet your Botox needs. Dissolve dynamic wrinkles with a few treatments which will leave you looking elegant and rejuvenated.




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What exactly is Botox®?

Botox: a cosmetic form of the well-known ‘Botulinum’ toxin. Botox sees wide aesthetic usage in terms of treatments for creased foreheads, frown lines and ‘crows feet’. Botox has been used safely for 25 years for both men and women.

Created specifically to (temporarily) halt the releasing of acetylecholine; Botox is a natural purified protein. In case you were wondering, acetylecholine is the chemical which transmits signals to muscles through nerve endings. By relaxing the over-active muscles which cause frown lines, Botox results in a youthful visage. Once applied future wrinkling is also prevented.

Botox® can additionally lift the brow in order to treat excessive sweating and migraines.


Dynamic wrinkles: What are they?

As our facial muscles contract to form expressions (such as smiling or frowning), creases and dynamic wrinkles begin to appear. When we are young, our skin is able to quickly revert to its original position of rest. As we grow older, our skin ages with us; we end up with less elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Wrinkles on our skin are left behind, in the end they become static facial features.

Botox in London skin examples


How will I receive my treatment?

Taking about 10 minutes, this quick and easy procedure is administered within our central London premises (City of London clinic). Firstly, your skin must be disinfected. Following this the treatment will be injected into each muscle which has been causing frown lines. As a low-level anaesthetic, numbing cream may be administered (most often this isn’t necessary).


Before and After


Most of the time you’ll be back to work immediately – there’s no required down time. Within a week results should start to become obviously visible. The maximum effect may be observed four to five weeks after treatment is finished. Overall, the visual effect of this treatment could remain for up to 4 months post-treatment.



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