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Everything You Need To Know About Non-surgical Nose Jobs

Imagine being able to have a nose job, that involved no surgical tools or arduous recovery period and it takes as little as ten minutes to complete … Well,...

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Feel Great in Your Skin

It’s International Women’s Day in a couple of days’ time and it’s a great day to celebrate female empowerment and achievement. One of the things that helps us...

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4 Treatments To Help You Look & Feel Stunning This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day in the calendar when many of us want to look our best for the one we love or the one we hope to impress! Need some tips on how to feel...

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The Non-surgical Aesthetics Trends Set to Dominate in 2020

  A New Year means exciting new trends and developments in the world of beauty and aesthetics. To celebrate the start of the New Year (Happy New Year everyone!),...

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Botox– the Christmas gift that keeps on giving

Every year, we all want to treat our friends and family to a gift we know they’ll cherish and remember at Christmas time. However, this is sometimes easier said than...

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The Benefits Of Botox For Men

Once upon a time, Botox and aesthetics treatment was solely associated with women. But change has brought about a shift, with men consecrating more time to their...

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