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Hypehidrosis Treatment – Top 5 Benefits

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating can indeed be an awkward topic to talk about. Many people fail to understand that this condition has nothing to do with your hygiene...

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Which Acne Treatment is Right for my Skin?

It goes without saying that dealing with acne can do so much for an individual in terms of their personal wellbeing and comfort in their own skin. Acne scars can have a...

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Why do we love big lips

Perhaps one of the most popular non-surgical procedures is using lip fillers. But have you ever wondered what makes big lips so fascinating? A few years ago Kylie...

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Vampire Facelift vs Vampire Facial

The Vampire Procedures have become extremely popular in the past years. The Vampire Facial, in particular, has been promoted by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian,...

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Fire & Ice Facial – A favourite among celebrities

Ever wondered how celebrities manage to look radiant all the time? Well, look no further because we have the answer for you. The Fire and Ice Facial can help you...

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The 8-Point Lift – Top 5 Benefits

When the ageing process starts, eyes and cheeks will start hollowing out, and this can give the impression of a tired and sagging complexion. The 8-Point Lift is a...

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