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Tear Trough - Eye fillers Treatments in London

Tear Trough

As we get older, the hollow area below the eyes will deepen which will cause an unhealthy, tired and ageing appearance. This often results in dark circles. This is one of the earliest signs of ageing and in some cases, it can start from as early as our late twenties. The hollow area is also referred to as the tear trough. This can be worsened through lack of exercise, toxins, stress and poor sleep patterns.

Moreover, hollowing under the eyes can also reveal bags which can make your eyes look even more tired.

Soft fillers can be applied to the hollow area of the eye. This will cause a subtle but very effective result. The procedure involves injecting a substance similar to a gel into specific areas around the eyes. The overall result is of a younger and fresh appearance. *


Filler treatment

During the tear trough filler procedure, tiny injections of hyaluronic acid and local anaesthetic are injected between the rim of the eye and cheekbone. The procedure is relatively simple and also painless and takes around 30 minutes. The results can be seen instantly, however, the final result is noticeable after a couple of weeks after the fillers integrate properly with the surrounding tissue.

Minimal swelling and bruising can occur which subsides in 1-2 days. In order to reduce swelling, we advise our patients to apply a cold compress to the area treated every few hours.
For 12 hours before the treatment, you should avoid alcohol consumption. In addition, aspirin and ibuprofen should not be taken before the treatment. This will be communicated to you prior to the treatment.

After the treatment patients are asked to refrain from touching the area for at least 6 hours following the treatment. After this short period of time, they can carefully wash it with water and soap. We suggest to our clients to avoid make-up or other skincare products for at least a few hours after the treatment. Moreover, exercise, alcohol and environments where there is extreme heat or cold should be avoided.

The effect of the treatment can last between 12 and 18 months.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.



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