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Nose Reshaping for Men (non-surgical)

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping for Men Nasal malformation is more common in men as male athletes, like boxers and rugby players, are more likely to sport bent or broken noses without having them fixed. A lot of men who are unhappy with their nose spurn the idea of undertaking corrective surgery due to the long recovery time and stigma attached.

However, the non-surgical nose reshaping is a revolutionary alternative to rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) for those wanting to change the shape, but not the size, of their nose.

Dramatic results can be achieved without the expense, scarring and recovery time incurred through surgery. The appearance of excessive curvature, depressions, bumps, hook shape as well as general wear and tear from physical activity, such as sports, can all be improved by injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the area to change the shape or create a straighter nose. Whether due to an accident or occurring naturally, those aspects of your nose that you are unhappy with can be greatly improved.


The Benefits of Non-Surgical Nose Augmentation

A man’s nose is a very significant factor in determining the appearance of his entire face. This is why rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) was so popular in the past. Now, however, a less risky and more cost effective option is available.

The non-surgical nose reshaping can be used for the following:

  • To correct facial asymmetry
  • To smooth the curves of the nose
  • To reduce bumps and divots
  • To raise the nasal bridge
  • To raise up the tip of the nose
  • To make the tip of the nose more pointed


The Procedure

At the initial consultation phase of the procedure, your goals and expectations will be discussed. A thorough examination of your nasal profile and overall facial structure will be undertaken to assess how the treatment can be tailored to suit your facial dimensions taking your chin and lip projection into account.

Before the procedure commences, topical anesthesia will be used to numb the nasal surface. Local anesthetic is also added to the filler to ensure that the procedure is painless and comfortable. This mixture is then injected into precisely selected areas of the nose to achieve the desired effect.

After the procedure, patients are given full post procedure instructions and most can go back to work or continue their normal daily activities immediately. Some minor swelling or redness may occur but will subside within a few days. A follow up consultation can be arranged two weeks after the procedure if necessary. *

Risks for this procedure are minimal and complications are rare but some patients may experience minor swelling, bruising or infection. Support is available throughout and after the procedure at the clinic.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.

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