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Minor Skin & Lesion Treatments

Minor Skin and Lesion Treatments in London

Almost all of us will be affected by skin conditions such as moles, warts, pigmentation and skin lesion – picture perfect skin is very rare to find. Many of us will feel self-conscious about such blemishes and will simple choose to hide or cover them up.

We offer simple minor skin and lesion treatments to remove such blemishes in order to improve your skins overall appearance and restore it to its natural beauty. During your consultation with our skincare expert we will talk you through a variety of procedures designed for the removal and improvement of the following conditions and blemishes:

  • Thread Veins – Small blood vessels that have become dilated and are now visible
  • Spider Veins – Tiny blood vessels that usually appear on the face or the legs
  • Mole Removal – Moles are small patches which reside on the top layer of the skin
  • Wart Removal – Warts are small lumps with a rough texture which can appear anywhere on the body
  • Skin Tags – Similar in aspect to warts, skin tags are small skin coloured growths which hang off the skin
  • Blood Spots – Also called purpura, blood spots happen when tiny blood vessels burst as a result of injury resulting in red spots on the skin
  • Milia – Small white bumps that usually appear on the face as a result of keratin being trapped beneath the surface of the skin
  • Sebaceous Cysts – Lumps filled with liquid situated under the surface of the skin
  • Age/Liver Spots – Small dark spots that usually appear on the face, hands or arms and are very common in people aged over 50
  • Pigmentation – Condition that affects the colour of your skin which can be caused by different factors such as sun damage, acne, inflammation etc

Most skin lesions are harmless and you don’t need to take actions such as skin growth removal against them. During your consultation your expert doctor will recommend you the right course of action and check whether your condition is suitable for treatment.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.


Minor Skin Treatments

Minor Skin & Lesion Treatments
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