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Neck & Decolletage

Neck and Decolletage Treatment

Although we may maintain the skin on our face with discipline over the years, we often overlook the delicate skin on the neck and chest.

The skin on the décolletage is more vulnerable to the effects of ageing as it is usually thinner, under moisturised and often forgotten in the sun protection regime




Obagi Skincare

During consultation a skincare regime can be tailored especially for you to determine the right kind of skincare treatment that will help you to achieve a radiant glow all over.
The Obagi elastiderm décolletage system in particular is anti ageing and clinically proven to restore healthy skin. It works by replenishing elasticity and binding collagen for increased skin strength and resilience and by reducing hyper pigmentation and age spots.  It also contains Malonic acid which can help to stimulate the production of healthy cells.
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Treatments with skin boosters are clinically proven to improve the quality of the skin and are particularly used to revitalise those areas susceptible to sun damage such as the neck and décolletage.  They improve structure, elasticity and smoothness of the skin by replenishing hyaluronic acid within the deep layers thus making the skin glow. *


The procedure

A healthy and glowing condition of the skin is visible after an initial course of three treatments, each 4 weeks apart.  A follow up treatment is usually recommended.  A treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs

Each treatment procedure itself will last around 30 minutes. A series of tiny injections of hyaluronic acid are made to the skin with 0.3% lidocaine anaesthetic for comfort. It is a simple procedure with a quick recovery time.  Minimal redness or bruising can occur.
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*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.





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