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Thread Vein Removal

Thread Vein Removal Treatment

Almost all of us will be affected by skin conditions such as thread veins, moles, warts, pigmentation and skin lesion – picture perfect skin is very rare to find. Many of us will feel self-conscious about such blemishes and will simply choose to hide or cover them up.

Thread veins are a common complaint that affect a significant proportion of the population. These are completely harmless and studies show that people believe that they give the impression of ageing more than lines and wrinkles. It is very common for thread veins to be visible on areas of the face, such as the nose and cheeks, caused by factors such as ageing, sun damage etc. These can all be treated in a short, non-invasive, non-surgical appointment to boost your self-confidence and restore your skin’s overall appearance to its natural beauty.

Milia are white lesions affecting a large number of the population when we are babies, however in some cases they can remain a problem into adulthood, commonly affecting areas of the face. They are completely harmless lesions commonly mistaken for white heads and therefore many people prefer to have them removed. After a short non-surgical appointment you can expect to see resolution of the milia within one week. *

Many people are affected by skin tags which they would like to have removed, but find they are turned away by their GP. Some people find they lower their self-confidence, others find that their skin tags catch on clothing etc. Without the need for surgery, you will not be left with a wound and there is no need to numb the area, as the technology minimises patient discomfort. A small filament is inserted around the skin tag, the blood supply is disrupted and within one week the skin tag will naturally exfoliate.

We offer simple minor skin lesion treatments to remove such blemishes, in order to improve your skin’s overall appearance and restore it to its natural beauty.

Vein Away
Vein Away is the latest technology using thermo-coagulation to treat red veins, thread veins, red spots, spider naevus as well as successfully removing skin tags, milia and many other skin lesions and conditions. It is superior to previous, similar technologies such as Veinwave and procedures involving laser reduces patient pain and chances of marking the skin. 

How it works:
Using thermo-coagulation it is designed to eradicate red veins, thread veins, red spots, spider naevus, as well as successfully removing skin tags, milia and many other skin lesions and conditions. The principle is based on radio frequency, producing a thermal (heat) lesion with protection of the skin.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.


Thread Vein Removal FAQs

1.How does Vein Away work?
Using a small filament and heat, the veins and skin lesions are eradicated and naturally processed by the body.

2. Will it hurt?
No. Vein away is using the latest technology to reduce patient pain. *

3. When will I see results?
Within one week you will see results but results can be noticed up to one month after treatment. *

4. Do the results last?
There is a very good success rate and Vein Away succeeds in purpose. 

5. What can I expect to feel after treatment?
Some redness and warmth of the treated area but this will subside within the next day or so. It is recommended to use aftercare gels such as aloe vera if the warmth does not subside.

6. How long does it take?
Treatment sessions last 15 minutes where we will work on as much of the skin complaint as possible. If a large area of the skin requires treatment, it may be necessary to have more than one appointment.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.

Non surgical removal £250


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