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Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Wrinke Relaxing Facial Injection

Wrinkle Injections

Over the years our complexion must withstand the effects of ageing, toxins and sun damage. Wrinkles and lines develop on our faces, in particular, making us look more tired and older than we feel.
The treatment has been used since 2002 to treat wrinkles and lines in millions of people throughout the world. Moreover, it was the first of its kind to receive approval by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment administration at Artistry Clinic

There is a new trend towards fresher, natural faces. The treatment involves a simple and quick procedure to achieve a very subtly enhanced look. It involves very small amounts of the anti-wrinkle treatment being injected over a larger area which results in a revitalised appearance whilst still maintaining all the facial expressions.


Treatment Areas

Wrinke Relaxing Treatment Areas

Eye Injections

The eyes are the windows of our souls and are the first to give away our age.  As we age the brows droop and lines form around the eyes also known as crows feet.  With treatment these lines can be reduced, if the lines are very deep this procedure can be coupled with a soft filler to give an even smoother appearance.


Forehead & brow lift

As we age the brows droop giving a tired appearance. Moreover, excessive frowning, squinting and concentrating result in frown lines and forehead lines sometimes giving an angry appearance.

Treatment can smooth away the forehead and frown lines. Brow lifts can be done non-surgically resulting in arched eyebrows although the shape of them will be decided after taking into account your existing brow shape and your face shape.



As a result of skin losing it’s elasticity lines form around the mouth and lips also known as Smoker’s lines. These are made worse with age and the repetitive action of pouting or smoking. The filler toxin can soften these lines resulting in a more youthful and supple area around the lips.


Vertical or horizontal bands on the neck

The neck holds important telltale signs of ageing but is frequently neglected. Neck cords which run vertically down the neck can be relaxed using a very small amount of treatment. This stops them from contracting and creating folds in the neck. Combining treatments in this area with the face can give an even superior result.


Bunny lines

Bunny lines are wrinkles that appear over and alongside the bridge of the nose especially when you are smiling and laughing. They are usually caused by hyperactivity of the nasalis muscle and can be treated very effectively with a very small amount of treatment injected on either side of the nose.


The procedure

The treatment itself is very simple, quick and relatively painless as very small needles are used on the skin. The result is seen in 3-5 days as a more revitalised and youthful look.  The recovery is immediate and the effects last from 4 to 6 months.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.

1 area £200
2 areas £250
3 areas £300


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